Content Policies, TOS, and 2257

Content Policies

All content is written recorded, and editing by site owner. No content is of illegal nature. Any persons in sold content is required to fill out a 2257 form and provide Driver’s License. All 2257 forms and Driver’s Licenses are kept on file if needed for verification.

No content can feature any model under the age of 18.

No content can imply or insinuate anything relating to underage nature.

Underage Content, Diaper Content, Racial Slurs, and Toilet Content is prohibited from this site and store.

Any customer requesting prohibited content will be immediately banned for Your God Lilith.


If you find any content that is prohibited on Your God Lilith, use the form below to report it.

If found to be against store policies, it will be removed within 48 hours.


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